Try Trixbox

Today, my company has a new project that need to deal with voip stuff. My boss wants me to going to see what's wrong with email function on the box he's setting up(It can't send email to user when others leave him a voice mail). It use trixbox and he try to fix it for a week.

I don't want to interfere his system, It's work fine as a main pbx for our company except that email problem. So I setup a new box to test. After installation finish(very easy just put installation disc into cd drive and wait about 20 mins.), I use browser browse to the Trixbox configuration page. Fews things need to do before go furture. First login to Package manager(need to register) site to install two trixbox modules(webmin and phpmyadmin).Next install&upgrade modules of FreePBX. Now, my freepbx is ready to add a new user and I'll have my own voip network.

My new setup box is work perfectly include email function. When I leave someone a voice mail, Trixbox sends him and email suddenly. I'm going to check email log(/var/log/mail.info) on my smtp server and found

Apr 26 10:20:09 email postfix/smtpd[11592]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[x.x.x.x]: 554 Service unavailable; Client host [x.x.x.x] blocked us
ing dnsbl.njabl.org; 1124588055; from=<asterisk@myemail.com> to=<boss@mycompany.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<myemail.com>
Apr 26 10:20:09 email postfix/smtpd[11592]: disconnect from unknown[x.x.x.x]
That's it. The address on that box was listed at http://dnsbl.njabl.org as open proxy(don't know why). So my smtp box just don't let it go through. I send request to delist that ip address. It take 2 hours then everything work.

Intallation and tutorial about Trixbox in detail