Desktop effects on Feisty, Cube and JAVA Swing problems

Even the "desktop effects" is just technology preview on Feisty. It still has some bugs but I like it. To enable go to System > Preferences > Destop Effects, then click "Enable Desktop Effects" button.
It has two effects for now[as I known], "Windows wobble when move" and "Workspaces on a Cube".
After enable it, windows wobble is work fine but not the cube effect. Notice that number of workspace will change to 1. If set it back to 2, when I change workspace[e.g. Ctrl+Alt+->] sometime it loose both panels[top and bottom] or sometime it give me blank screen[no panel,no icon]

To make cube effect work open terminal and

pnix@pnix-a7n:~$ gconftool-2 --type int --set /apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/hsize 4
pnix@pnix-a7n:~$ gconftool-2 --type int --set /apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/number_of_desktops 1
or use gui tool by type "gconf-editor" in terminal
And navigate to: apps > compiz > general > screen0 > options
and change value of “hsize” to 4 and “number_of_desktops” to 1.

Another thing is enabling "Desktop Effects" will causes java swing component show as blank window. In my box it happen when start I netbeans. I read somewhere that this is java bug. Hope that sun will fix this in next jdk version.

To fix this, you need to set the variable AWT_TOOLKIT to "MToolKit". Add the code below in your $HOME/.bashrc [For me I put it in /etc/profile coz i need to run netbeans from menu]
export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

update: If you have stability problem with AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit[like me], may be you need to make a choice.


dec3169 said...

Thanks man - I was having problems with a java app tht would only work if I left compiz, but the export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit fixed that.