My choice for music player on ubuntu.

Today I'm looking for mp3 player for my ubuntu. Feisty come with rhythmbox but after few months using I think it's time to try something better. Rhythmbox does not let me edit idv3 tags and [for me]it's hard to manage library so it's not acceptable. All I wants are

a) idv3 tags must editable. This is important for me because some of my mp3 collection don't have info in tags or some have a wrong info.

b) full support thai language.

c) gtk+ application will be good.
I found this blog [http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/03/media-players-available-for-ubuntu.html] list some media players in ubuntu. I choose some to try[all are easy to install in Feisty just 'sudo aptitude install <packagename>']

Beep Media Player is like xmms. If I'm not wrong I think the project is stop now.

Amarok come with great interface, full of features but it's KDE app so it's need some other kde package to install and run.

Exaile, like KDE's Amarok but it's GTK+ and written in Python. It almost be my choice but it has a problem with my language e.g. the library manager can not add mp3 file to collection when artist and album tag are thai langauge.

At last Listen is my choice, interface just like other gtk apps, does everything amarok and exaile can do, idv3 tags editing, ipod management, information from wikipedia, lyrics search, webradio, lastfm, download album cover. Even I feel Amarok still better in editing multitrack tags, burning CD and browsing collection but listen does it's job and I try to avoid to use kde in gnome.


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Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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Saurav Shrestha said...

Hey dude. I'd think best player for linux ever is Amarok :) Just cuz I use it. hehe.

I dunno but it works just flawlessly in my Gnome. And yes, I HATE kde, but not Amarok. If my songs dont have tags, I use the lookup using musicbrainz.com function in Amarok, and it generates audio fingerprint, compares it to database and tags your mp3's! THATS neat!

To tell you the truth, Amarok had a BIG hand in my switching over from Vista to Ubuntu:)

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Rajinder Singh said...

Great choice for music player on Ubantu. Thanks for sharing your experience with us....

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