Upgrade to Feisty Fawn(Part Two)

After download and setup finished, system asked me to reboot to Edgy and it came up with out any problem. Anyway I just passed Edgy and moved to Feisty Fawn by use 'Update Manager' from Administration menu. It detected that upgraded rel available. Just pushed upgrade button.

To be Feisty Fawn I need about 865 MB to download. That's OK.

Upgrade procedure was very smooth. During dowload and setup I needed to answer few questions about what to do with old config of php and apache. I just replaced with new one, coz I could reconfig it later.

Like upgrading to edgy, after reboot, now I've got newest version of ubuntu on my box. First thing I feel improve is X response. I think feisty do better than dapper for my display(Dell 1905). With dapper when typing on text box, if move cursor back to the left it will has ghosting effect. It's gone now when I type this post.