Install TinyMCE module on Drupal

I'm just choose Drupal to be CMS for my new site. Nothing more than google tell me that it win 2007 Open Source CMS Award :) so just try it.

Creating content with drupal is easy but if you want to add image, WYSIWYG editor, you need to install third party module. This post is about how i get this feature for my site.

1. Download TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor[this will enable the TinyMCE editor to be used with Drupal]
you will get file name tinymce-5.x-1.9.tar.gz. Extract it into Drupal modules folder you will get modules/tinymce.
2. Download TinyMCE engine and you will get tinymce_3_0_1.zip. Again extract into tinymce folder from step one. Now you have modules/tinymce/tinymce.
3. Enable TinyMCE module by go to Administer->Site building->Modules TinyMCE should be at the bottom of the page. Enable it.
4. Grant permission to user role by go to Administer->User management->Access control[I'm check only authenticated user]
5. Create new profile by goto Administer->Site Configutation->TinyMCE and click create new profile.
Under basic setup, enter profile name, check Roles allowed to use this profile and set Default State to enable.
Under Buttons and plugins, check it all.
That's it. now when create content you will see TinyMCE toolbar below body textarea.

Note: I can't get enable/disable rich-text toggle link to work that why I set default state to enable. My System info is Drupal 5.7, tinymce-5.x-1.9 and Firefox


Anonymous said...

You cannot use TinyMCE 3 with Drupal 5. Please read the install files ... TinyMCE 2.1.3 is required.

pnix said...
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pnix said...

many thanks guys, it's my false that don't read install file carefully. :)

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