Single user mode in fedora core

Again that electricity in area of Sukhumvit road, Bangkok down yesterday night. This time one database refuse to boot it freeze at "Starting system logger:". Look like there's no way to get a shell from any normal run level startup.

Not like ubuntu that has recovery mode in grub menu. This box is fedora core, I know there's a way to get in to single user mode by pass kernel parameter at grub boot menu [but can not remember how to at that time:(].

After some googling I found the way. To get single user mode in FC, at grub menu press a [to append kernel parameter]. Now add s to tell fedora kernel that you want single user mode. After finish, enter to continue booting.

Now you will get root shell and can figure out what wrong with your system then fix it. In my case now I just want Oracle to come up so i need atleast two service 'network' and 'oracle'. Try to bring it up by run these two command and pray.

sh-3.00# service network start
sh-3.00# service oracle start

Not too bad that this time network and oracle are come up successfully:). But why syslogd startup caused system freeze is still no idea:(.