Adding new partition to Ubuntu(UUID in fstab)

Last night,on my dual boot machine, I formated old ntfs partition to fat32 partition(in XP). After reboot to Feisty, it can't mount that partition anymore. I edited /etc/fstab by changed ntfs to vfat not work. I notice that fstab file in Feisty, the field /dev/abcd have changed to UUID=xxxx. I try google it and found some info.

UUID(Unique unit ID) came since edgy I guess(I never try edgy at all). Some reason to use UUID are

a)Disk labels aren't guaranteed to be unique.
b)The kernel's device paths aren't constant enough -- move your SCSI interface card to a different slot and system doesn't boot any more.
c)Device names aren't constant either -- they depend on module load order.

To find out the UUID, use the following command

$ /sbin/blkid
$ sudo vol_id -u device