Dual boot,A7N8X-E,SATA,WINXP and me

Last week, I’ve got serious problem with my system at home. It has 2 drives, ide and sata. The ide one(4 years old), used as system drive,'s partition table was crash.

The last environments before it crashed are
Ide drive's 4 partitions. hda1 is winxp(ntfs,loss partition table),hda5 is data(ntfs,loss partition table),hda6 is ubuntu /(fine) and hda7 is swap(fine).
Sata drive's 3 ntfs partitions (sda1,5,6) all fine and its store movies and programs I've downloaded from bittorrent.
Motherboard is ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe with Sillicon SATA chip(Sillicon 3112a I guess)

Ubuntu on hda6 still can boot. I have some data on hda5 need to restore(with 'EasyRecovery', it works great, restores everything as the same folder structure.). My plan is reinstall both XP and ubuntu on SATA drive, use last partition on SATA to store importance data. For old 60 GB IDE, I will use as download drive store data downloaded from bittorrent network.

I have followed other instructions found on the web to install XP on SATA drive A7N8X-E m/b with regards to changing the boot order to CDROM,SCSI,HDD (this tries to boot an SATA HD) and also for loading the SATA drivers.

Funny things are here...
First, I try to install XP on sda1, boot from the CD drive, load the sata drivers, select the partition to install and copy files ready for installation. However, after copying the files and rebooting the PC (required by the windows installer) the PC fails to boot from the SATA drive to proceed the installation. It just sits there with a blank screen.

I try to think of what's causing this problem. I don't think that the m/b is broken as the windows installer manages to detect the drive and copy the necessary files ready for install, but then it refuses to boot from the SATA drive to continue the OS install. No way to go further.

I decided to install XP again on hda1. So, changed boot order back to CDROM,HDD,SCSI, after reboot(during installation process) I noticed that it had menu said two winXP to boot in my system. I just let it go and finished installation on ide.

After reboot, I tried another menu of winXP. Guess? What it is? it started to continuing install winXP on SATA drive until it's finished. I confuse that WINXP(SATA) partition that can’t boot direct from BIOS(like no NTLDR on SATA) but it can access by go through winXP booting menu(NTLDR on ide).

Anyway, if I change boot order let SCSI come before HDD, I'll receive a message in the BIOS that reads "Disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del to restart". Only way two boot XP from SATA drive is use NTDLR from IDE drive. This make me think about maybe sth wrong with SATA MBR. Maybe install linux and write grub to SATA will help.

OK. Just leaves the WINXP thing like that. I unplugged IDE drive then installed Feisty Fawn on sda5. Everything just work fine include grub install on SATA MBR. After reboot grub menu show ubuntu and XP(on sata). From that menu, new installation ubuntu is boot but not winxp. hmmmm...

I don't think it's NTLDR problem and I already check that NTLDR,boot.ini and ntdetect.com are present on SATA root(c:/ on SATA). Someone said "Deleting partition with XP setup is not sufficient. A disk reset will do the trick.". I can’t try low-level format now because there're importance data on sda6 and I don't have enough space to swap it.

Maybe when i've got a new drive i'll try. For now I'll install ubuntu on SATA as a primary drive, install winxp on IDE as secondary drive and use grub to be boot loader.

at last I found solution of this problem

Note: from answer.com
NTLDR (abbreviation of NT Loader) is the boot loader for Windows NT, including some of its later versions (2000/XP/Server 2003).
NTLDR requires, at the minimum, the following two files to be on the system volume: NTLDR, which contains the main boot loader itself, and boot.ini, which contains configuration options for a boot menu. To load an NT-based OS, ntdetect.com must also be present.