Sil3112 v4.2.83 SATA bios for A7N8X-E

== this post is specific for my case[Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe with Seagate SATA2] ==

What's happens before?

After try many options in bios, grub. I found the way to install winxp on SATA2 and A7N8X-E.

To enable booting winxp from bios, I need to flash neoplus mod bios, link below.
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe 1013 BIOS with added v4.2.83 Sil3112 (SATA) BIOS by NeoPolus (based on Trats BIOS)

This bios come with new SATA bios(v4.2.83) make xp installation go smooth but afterthat I can't restore grub. Very strange, even I try to reinstall ubuntu. Live cd's not recognize prepartition on the drive. Actually I have sda1 is winxp(just install it),sda5 is ext3(/),sda6 is swap and sda7 is data(ntfs).All partition can be seen in winxp but for live cd the drive appear as a 80GB drive no partition on it.

UPDATE[10/05/2007]: Last night I use Computer management in xp to see partition table on SATA drive and found that there is something wrong i.e. look like it has 25GB excess free space go between swap(sda6) and data(sda7). Live cd think SATA is about 100GB (actually it's only 80GB) and go crazy. I delete that partition include / and swap to make free space on drive, restart and boot with Live CD again. This time every everything work fine.